Exeter Design Agency, the key
to your digital success!

To create a functional digital strategy, a company must determine the elements that can influence its presence on the web.

Customised websites

Web agencies are prepared to create a site adapted to the budgets and expectations of company managers, like the case of cadeau-entreprise.info. The digital communication agency develops modules to help improve the performance of a company.

Thanks to the realization of a customized website like lesbonsoutils.fr, companies can improve their presence on the web while attracting new customers.

Web design & graphic design

The agency can create a website: email, domain name, hosting, redesign and creation of a portal and referencing.

Referencing & SEO

Our experts carried out the natural referencing of the website outilsqualite.com, to improve its visibility on search engines.

Web marketing strategy

To undertake a web marketing strategy, you must have a goal, objectives and use tactics.

Entrust us with your brand image!

Creating a brand image, like cote-evenement.com, must be carefully thought out. It concerns all the symbols and concepts that allow a company to be well anchored in the memories of its customers while distinguishing itself from the competition.

Charte graphique

Graphic charter

A graphic charter is essential in a communication. It is used for a business card, visual on social media, website design…

User experience

A user experience is a loyalty factor. It plays an important role in the efficiency of a portal or a mobile application.

Graphic design

An expert in graphic design gives meaning to a project by dressing it up in a relevant way and by offering visibility in line with the company’s philosophy.

SEO audit of the site

An SEO audit of a website assesses the factors that slow down its quality and effectiveness. Thanks to this analysis, it is now possible to optimise and strengthen the internal linkage of the Internet portal. Other factors determining the effectiveness of a site are the hierarchy, the presence of keywords, title tag.

Netlinking campaigns

Links are very useful in a natural referencing strategy. That is why it is crucial that the netlinking campaign is well developed and effective. When creating a new site, it is not enough to have optimised content. It is also necessary to resort to several techniques such as the creation of backlinks.

Make yourself more visible!

SEO is very important for owners of websites, blogs or online shops. The goal is to boost visibility and get traffic.

Community management

Community management

To be productive, community management must be part of the company’s overall strategy.

Advertising campaign

Advertising is a very useful way to communicate with customers.

Content marketing

Its role is to distribute valuable and useful content on a consistent basis.

SEO content strategy

The combination of SEO and content marketing is the ultimate weapon for optimal web visibility. SEO work, keyword research and user attention research help build a formidable content strategy. A publication calendar includes different elements of content marketing: infographics, blog posts, white papers, e-mailing, comment publishing.